Submitted by davidc on Fri, 18/03/2005 - 07:23

"" was a website I wrote to poke fun of the infamous "da-drew", who would always come on IRC and spout a bunch of nonsensical pseudo-ebonics. It generates the kind of sentences that he might have said.

This was actually an interesting experiment in first-order Markov chains, where a sentence is constructed using word-sequence probabilities - the next word is based taking the preceding word and choosing a word based on its probability of appearing next in the sample corpus (around 4,500 lines of "sanitised" da-drew quotes from IRC).

I let expire in 2005, but I resurrected the code on this domain. You can see it, along with more information, over here.

"imitate" generates sentences using the Markov chain algorithm. "quote" are actual quotes of his. See if you can spot the difference!