Wise Up Development Screenshots

Submitted by davidc on Sun, 27/02/2011 - 18:52


Thu, 19/04/2012 - 16:56

Hi David,

I loved this game, and have been sending the URL to friends and family. The concept is pure genius and I feel myself getting smarter just thinking about how it was done, not to mention from the quotes themselves.

Somewhere I remember you asked for feedback, so here's what I thought as far as game play goes:

- could we use mouse right-click to rotate left/right (Q/E keys). Q/E works but it's sloooow.
- scoring could be based on time-to-complete, number of transforms (rotations), or (if the code can determine this) how many near-misses the player had. You could keep a log of high scores and show it?
- some of the parameters in the opening window were too techie or had no meaning at all (might be a framework thing, but I'd recommend squelching it if possible)
- instead of advertising the nifty bug, maybe make the help window fade out after 20 seconds (or mouse movement) with a note saying "press 'h' to see this again"
- I remember liking some of the music and hating some of it. I think I liked the techno stuff, but hated the Elizabethan lute stuff.
- The painful backgrounds, meant to increase difficulty I presume, did not enhance the enjoyment of the game. Sorta like putting a scrabble board on a bowling ball - sure it's an added challenge but does it really fit the ethos of the game? OTOH, the levels I loved were the fuzzy letters and the sunshine glare background!

Well, I won't keep going on and on. Bottom line is that I loved the game and keep resetting it just to enjoy the amazement that it even works! I hope you develop it and put it on Playstation so my grandsons can enjoy it! :-)