Bob Nudd - Maggots in your Catapult

Submitted by davidc on Thu, 03/22/2001 - 20:39

This iswas my attempt to exploit Google and the #lost weblog for my own selfish purposes.

I am looking for the song Bob Nudd - Maggots in ya Catapult. I recall hearing this around 1995. It was a highly unsuccessful single by a champion angler. However I seem to recall it being rather funny and recently I've had the urge to listen to it again.

If you have this song, please contact me. Thanks!

Update: I know there is a 7" available over here but I'm looking for a CD or MP3. Cheers!

Update 10/19/03: I found a small snippet (copy here) though the quality is dreadful.

Update 03/22/04: Cheer! James Mitchell sent me this.

Update 05/19/05: Who'd have thunk it? My lifelong quest is at an end. Anthony Smith sent me this, which is a rip from the actual CD. You can even buy it at Action Records!