EMF 2018 Infrastructure Review

Submitted by davidc on Sun, 09/09/2018 - 10:45

New site, new challenges! Electromagnetic Field 2018 was held at Eastnor Castle Deer Park towards the end of summer and we faced a new set of challenges - some of which we set ourselves. This year we liked the potential of the site so much, we started in January by installing our very own street cabinet for the incoming circuit and ran ducts out to the street. Having identified disused ducts and manholes around the fields, we ran our own fibre from the cabinet to the NOC-DC in the main event site and from there further underground fibre around the field. Quite an significant effort by my team, but it paid off by allowing the carrier to install the circuit with minimal effort (and delay), and will certainly reward us again if we return to the same site in 2020.

Our infrastructure review presentation can be watched on YouTube and the slides are here.

I realise I've not posted before about Electromagnetic Field, a biennial technology and maker festival we've been putting on and which has been growing since 2012, where I lead the NOC team that brings the Internet to remote fields for the campers. Our past presentations are all linked on GitHub, and our Twitter account has info and photos from building and during the events..