Snaxe: Hours 13-14

Submitted by davidc on Fri, 16/09/2011 - 16:43

Lots of tidying up done today, making the game look a bit better. Katia has started working on new snake images to fit the new board size, but they're not done yet.

I've added a new invulnerability powerup, which lets you slither through yourself, other snakes, or bones - but if you're still crossing them when you leave invulnerability, you die. You can still eat friendly powerups in the meantime. You flash faster and faster as your time runs out.

The 'insert coin' screen is improved and the countdown now depends on the number of people queued. With only two people queued, it'll wait 60 seconds, with eight people queued it will start immediately, with a sliding scale in between.

Also brought in my home router and spent a while setting that up for open access and set up a DNS server running on my laptop.

Next up: Snake colours still annoy me because of the faux-mobile phone background colour. Integrate new graphics. Add speed powerup. Spawn the powerups in an intelligent manner. And print out an instruction sheet.

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