RIPE EIX Election

Submitted by davidc on Thu, 07/05/2009 - 02:07

Andy Davidson is up for election as co-chair of the EIX working group at RIPE and I would invite you to vote for him.

Due to the nature of the RIPE community, it is NOT necessary for you to be a RIPE NCC member in order to vote, merely to be an interested member of the RIPE community. Simply e-mail with your name, organisation and choice of
candidates. Please do so before 10am UK time (11am European time) today. Note that, as it is a STV system, it is not necessary to vote for all three. I recommend voting only for Andy.

The election invitation, along with Andy's address, is below.

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From: Cara Mascini
Date: 2009/5/6
Subject: [eix-wg] E-mail voting for co-chair

Dear All,

The candidate nominees for the RIPE EIX Working Group co-chair
position are all in and the running persons are the following. In
submitting order:

- Andy Davidson - LONAP
- Wolfgang Tremmel - DE-CIX
- Remco van Mook - Equinix

To vote by e-mail for remote people (do not vote by e-mail if you are
attending in person tomorrow) please send a mail to using the following format:

1. first choice
2. second choice
3. third choice

We will have the elections in tomorrows 11.00 session.



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From: Andy Davidson
Date: 2009/5/6
Subject: [eix-wg] EIX Co-chair address

Hi, folks

As announced by Fearghas yesterday, there is a co-chair vacancy within
the working group created by Mike standing down in Dubai. I would like
to stand for this role and am looking for your support in tomorrow's


I work with LONAP, an established and successful not-for-profit
internet exchange in London, and I am involved in seeding community
peering projects within other regions of the UK.

I support knowledge-sharing between IXPs worldwide, at forums like
RIPE and Euro-IX, and believe that open discussion at such forums
helps to create stable internet exchanges and therefore a reliable
experience for our users. I am also a peering@ coordinator for around
20 networks, which gives me a broad insight into the operations of a
number of different exchanges, and ability to understand and discuss
their important technical and commercial issues.

As a big supporter of RIPE core principles of co-operation and
bottom-up policy making, I have been a keen follower of and
contributor to policy development for several years.

As the working group chairs now have a role in the PDP, they must
remain in touch with current policy issues. As I already participate
in policy making discussions, this doesn't impose any additional
workload on me as part of being a working group chair.