Oh look, I made a blog

Submitted by davidc on Wed, 01/04/2009 - 14:16

Right, don't even think about mocking me, but I'm starting a blog. Not to talk about the futility of life and how pretty girls hate me (unless I get really drunk), but because I'm sick of all my wasted work. I seem to be constantly writing code or fiddling with things where the result is either only used in one place, or is used once and thrown away, or simply never gets finished. Some of this I'm convinced will be useful to others, or even to myself in the future.

Sometimes I can't even find stuff I've written before. The structure of my typical computer is hilariously disorganised. find/grep doesn't help because I do a lot of stuff on various different servers and occasionally tar up old debris, and even at home I have a disarray of computers/laptops/NASes/other devices. A typically useful path is \\furious\personal\Backups and shit to sort\Condor desktop\from old laptop\To sort\Kingfisher\starling win\acorn\from MDFS\CHSEWEB. I kid you not, each level in that path is yet another old computer, I'm simply that well-organised.

Admittedly the timestamps on the files in there are January 1995 (and probably earlier since I lost timestamps when switching to Windows), and more useful stuff occasionally bubbles up to the surface, but the point stands.

Anyway, enough about me. Time to get this software installed and start putting my incredible produce online.