ayTemplates released, 7 years too late

Submitted by davidc on Sat, 04/18/2009 - 01:44

So I'm celebrating the 5-year anniversary of my leaving the 99dogs crapfest by finally releasing ayTemplates. ayTemplates is a PHP extension written in C, designed for lightning-fast execution of standard template operations. At 99dogs, we were using a derivative of FastTemplate for some very heavy templating, as we had a team of web designers working independently from the programmers. Doing all this in PHP with regular expressions was insanely slow and inappropriate, so ayTemplates was born.

There never was a public release of ayTemplates, despite being written in 2002 and being improved through 2004. Around that time 99dogs finally gave up the ghost, and I stopped writing PHP professionally, so it never saw production. I occasionally still get enquiries about it though, so here in 2009, I'm finally releasing it. It's over there, along with its documentation.